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Get certified as a Clean Air Facility.

Get ahead of the curve.

Protect yourself, your staff and your clients from air pollution. Increase productivity by offering clean, fresh air at all times. Boost your brand by becoming a WeShareCleanAir facility.

In order to get this certification, you need to take care of all 3 types of air pollution:

Sick air

Sick air is polluted with microbial matter such as Bacteria / Viruses / Mould / Fungi.

Dirty air

Dirty air polluted with coarse particulate matter such as Dust / Pollen / Dander /
Cigarette Smoke.

Toxic air

Toxic air is polluted by Gases, Chemicals and VOCs.

1. Trained clean air installers able to specify and install a We Share Clean Air facility

Not sure what you need? We’ll put you in contact with clean air experts in your area that will not only be able to provide guidance on choosing and installing the technology you need, but also ensure maintenance and future AQ testing.

2. A positive advertising scheme for commercial premises who truly share clean air

In today’s airpocalypse, anybody that share clean air should be praised. If your business has clean air technology that deals with all 3 types of air pollution, let us know and we’ll be sure to make some noise about it!

It’s all about the air!

We believe that everybody has the right to breathe clean air and we strive to equip people with the best technology available for them to take control of their indoor environments. Most of us tend to take the air we breathe for granted without realising that it is the most important life source and now our biggest health threat. Our indoor air is on average 5 times more polluted than outdoor air.

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