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Everybody has the right to breathe clean air. Places that share clean air should shout about it!

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Air pollution is the world’s biggest environmental health threat and providing safe indoor air spaces for employees / students / visitors is urgently needed around the World. Advertising clean air environments will bring a lot of positive PR.

Fight air pollution

With Technology

Most air purifiers use filters to try and catch air pollutants but this on its own has limited effectiveness – it is 1⁄2 of the process. Technology has to be used to neutralise all remaining pollutants that go through the filters. Installing Radic8 / INBair technology will give you truly clean air!

It doesn’t cost money

It Saves Money

The Radic8 / INBair technology destroys all air pollutants including viruses and bacteria which stops the spreading of airborne diseases – saving money on work absence. Removing indoor air pollutants will also increase productivity so there is no cost in commercial installations only cost savings.

Cutting-Edge Technology & Design

Patented technology advancements expressed as contemporary style.

People Affected By Air Pollution

Deaths per year
Of population affected
Cause of all diseases
Single biggest health threat

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Air Education

If you would like to know more about the Radic8 / INBair technology please visit the Radic8 Global website where you will find lots of useful information

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